Because you asked… Why come out?


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After about 6-8 weeks of sharing my personal truth with close friends and family, I publicly came out as bisexual on Monday, December 5, 2016. I must admit, I was fearful. I was concerned. I was scared. As a full-time minister for a denomination that was just three years shy of being fully supportive of LGBT rights in the United States, I was concerned about potential backlash from people who just weren’t there yet on this issue. Especially so since a large part of my ministerial focus is working with youth. I was concerned about stereotypes and stigmas and how parents, congregational leaders, fellow leaders in youth ministry, etc would respond. To put it in the context of our present-day culture, I was fearful about people’s possible perceived truths (aka alternative facts) with what it even means to be LGBT. I also knew that I couldn’t let the fear of the “what if” control me any longer. I knew that I needed to come out and that I needed to so publicly. Continue reading

#AlternativeFacts: Are we all guilty?


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The truth is this… I’m gay. I only came out as bisexual as a way to help me deal with my true sexuality. I can now say that I was only lying to myself to try and be more comfortable with who I am. #AlternativeFacts

You, see #AlternativeFacts isn’t just a buzz phrase used by the Trump administration to justify their lies. Alternative facts are used by everyday Americans all the time to justify their own preconceived ideas, fears, and loyalties. Alternative facts are what birth’s oppression and marginalization. It’s what helps people justify their own prejudices. Continue reading

A Holiday Blessing: O God Of All Children


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A few years ago while preparing for a sermon on the Sunday before Christmas, I discovered a special Christmas Prayer on Huffington Post. I have included it in a few sermons since then.  At this holy time of centering and celebrating, I share it again. 

Through out the month of December, I join many other Christians around the world in celebrating the birth of Christ. In the midst of the commercialization of this sacred holiday, I pause to remember that Christ came and showed us a better way to live. A way that should inspire all to work towards justice and build communities of peace. A way that that embodied spirit of equality and not one of privilege. Whether you celebrate a Christian interpretation of the Divine, an interpretation through the lens of another faith, or are do not believe, may you be challenged by this blessing. May it carry us through this holiday season and into the new year. Amen. 

O God Of All Children
by Marian Wright Edelman

O God of the children of Somalia, Sudan, and Syria, of South Africa and South Carolina,
Of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and of India, Iraq, Iran, and Israel
Of the Congo and Chicago, of Darfur and Detroit
Of Myanmar and Mississippi and Louisiana and Yemen
Help us to love and respect and protect them all. Continue reading

Freedom From The Fear: My Coming Out Story


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rainbow-filter-seanWith my heart beating fast, stomach churning, and hands trembling, I share…

I know that it has long been suspected by a handful of friends that I am gay. And the truth is this… I AM a guy who likes girls… AND guys. Yes, I am bisexual. I am not just an ally; I am part of the community.

Continue reading

I Find Hope…


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In the past few weeks there have been times that I have struggled with embracing hope. As a disciple, I still find hope in the teachings of Christ. That hasn’t wavered. As a person of faith, I still find hope embedded in the relationship that I have with my Holy Creator and the assurance that God’s vision of Hope is for all people. As a citizen of the United States though, I have struggled to find hope within our humanity lately.

This past Sunday I was scheduled to preach at my home congregation in Eugene, Oregon, within the Community of Christ denomination on what was the Advent Sunday of Hope. As I was preparing for what words I could share in the midst of my own struggle. Words that would stay true to who I am and what I am experiencing while still being true to our scripture text and the purpose of advent season. It was then that I started to remember and also research stories of hope. That preparation then served as the foundation for the cultural application portion of my sermon this past week. Continue reading