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To those who authored and signed the “Nashville Statement”,

You question why Christianity is dying in America. I see it in books that you author and blog entries you write. So you question why people are turning away from religion and then you publish this garbage. Shame on you. Look in the mirror. The answers you seek about the decline in Christianity may just be staring right back at you.

I would love to sit down with any person listed as a signatory on this document and share in a conversation about it. Maybe we could both grow from seeking to understand one another? So how about we get a drink from Starbucks and listen to one another. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a Unicorn Frappuccino. I’m sure that’s too gay for you anyways. We can just enjoy a regular cup of black coffee that is heavily diluted with white vanilla flavored creamer since I’m sure that is how you prefer to drink it anyways. Hmmm… Actually, Starbucks and their “liberal agenda” may not be the best place. I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable. Does Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A, or Cabela’s serve coffee? We could always go there. I don’t mind meeting you on your turf. Oh, I know there are some bakeries we could go to. They won’t bake me a wedding cake if I marry a guy but maybe they would serve me a scone to go with my coffee while we talk? Hmmm… Maybe.

In my faith community we have a document titled “Faithful Disagreement“. It is a powerful and important tool for disagreeing with love and compassion while still being apart of the body. The problem is that I can’t faithfully disagree with you while you deny who I am as a Child of God who was created in God’s image. I can’t faithfully disagree with you when so many LGBT members of our society have survived the pain of your hateful rhetoric but numbed it with alcohol, drugs, and other things that have harmed them and possibly others over the years. And I can’t faithfully disagree with you while children, youth, and young adults commit suicide because of the harmful rhetoric that “ministers” like you preach. You are partly responsible for those lives lost. Yes, you! Again… Shame on you!

I can’t remember who the author was but a wise, radical man once said to “Love your neighbor”. That this was one of the most important ways to show your commitment to God. Whoever he was, they should have started a religion after him. Imagine how different our culture could be if we followed that guy. I delight at the thought. In the meantime, might I remind you that Love Wins! Jesus’ life was proof of that. So stop putting him back on the cross! Now let me say it louder for those in the way, way back…. LOVE WINS!

As a young man who was confused about my sexuality, I remember hearing how we were supposed to “hate the sin, love the sinner”. Therefore, I just want you to know that I still love you even though I hate your sin. You taught me well, I suppose.

In closing, we may both claim the title of “Christian” but we are clearly not of the same religion.

With disgust,

Sean Langdon, An Ordained Minister with Community of Christ who identifies as Bisexual and affirms God’s love for ALL people – yes, even you!

P.S. Don’t hijack the name of my favorite city in the USA to promote your own hate filled manifesto. Nashville’s mayor denounces your “Nashville Statement” and so do I.

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